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Challenges for Agile Teams


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      This intermediate-level course is designed to help Agile practitioners decipher and solve the problems that arise regularly in their work. The course begins with 16 video segments from seasoned Agile trainers and practitioners who provide tips and best practices for addressing Agile team challenges. The course then presents 20 short case studies that test the student's understanding of Agile practices and provide guidance for resolving common problems. The case studies are structured to simulate the conversations and interactions that happen regularly on Agile projects; seeing these disputes as narratives will help students learn to deconstruct issues and diagnose the underlying problems that need to be corrected, just as they would in their everyday work. As students decode these disputes and plan appropriate responses, they'll gain the experience they need to guide their teams and to put them back on track to deliver value to their customers.




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Register to this event


Type of category: Classes

Type of activity: Leadership

Date: June 6th to June 30th, 2021

Hour: 12:00AM to 12:01AM

Number of PDUs: 2.25


Members: $98.34

Non members: $149.00