Arnold (Andy) Anderson
VP Public Relations

Arnold (Andy) Anderson - From 1995 until we moved to Las Vegas in 2013 we owned ten small businesses: half startups and half existing businesses. This meant I was personally responsible for all public relations and marketing for the ten disparate businesses. They all became profitable.

Before moving here four years ago I was an adjunct professor for fifteen years at two universities, and previously for two years at a community college. I taught undergraduate and graduate courses in supply chain management, management, marketing, critical thinking, project management, decision making, organizational behavior, and contracting/procurement.

As a seminar instructor for the United States Air Force I was the original manager of a major software development program for the Air Force. I then developed and instructed 1,500 Air Force personnel in workshops and seminars around the world on this new microcomputer software system that automated weight, balance, and positioning of cargo on large Air Force aircraft.

Professional Certification: Certified Professional Logistician (CPL), The International Society of Logistics. I was the chairman of the Pikes Peak Chapter for two years. I developed and taught a 14-week course to prepare members for the professional certification test. I also generated a 131% membership increase (from 51 to 118) in 12 months.

Since we moved to Las Vegas almost four years ago my wife and I developed and then taught leadership and advanced leadership courses at our large church. These courses are on the same level of detail and complexity as an undergraduate and a graduate university course. I also remain active on an HOA committee.

I continue to seek opportunities to learn and share techniques for use of project management practices and change methodology in non-profit organizations. My B.S. (Marketing) and M.B.A. (Management) degrees plus my experience in a variety of businesses teamed with a career in the U.S. Air Force have proven useful in most any tasks.

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