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Section 1.    The nomination and election of officers shall be conducted annually in accordance with the terms of office specified in Article IV, Section 1 and Article V, Section 2. All voting members in good standing of PMI-SNC shall have the right to vote in the election. Discrimination in election and nomination procedures on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, age, marital status, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability, or unlawful purpose is prohibited.

Section 2.    Candidates who are elected shall take office on the first day of February following the election or one month following their election, and shall hold office for the duration of their term or until the successors have been elected and qualified.

Section 3.    A Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate containing nominees for each Board position and shall determine the eligibility and willingness of each nominee to stand for election. Candidates for Board positions may also be nominated by petition process established by the Nominating Committee or the Board. Elections shall be conducted during the annual membership/business meeting or by some means of electronic voting determined by the Nominating Committee and ratified by the Board. The candidate who receives a majority of votes cast for each office shall be elected. Ballots shall be counted by the Nominating Committee or by tellers designated by the Board.

Section 4.    No current member of the Nominating Committee shall be included in the slate of nominees prepared by the Committee.

Section 5.    In accordance with PMI policies, practices, procedures, rules and directives, no funds or resources of PMI or the Component may be used to support the election of any candidate or group of candidates for PMI, Component or public office. No other type of organized electioneering, communications, fund-raising or other organized activity on behalf of a candidate shall be permitted. The Component Nominating Committee, or other applicable body designated by the Component, will be the sole distributor(s) of all election materials for Component elected positions.

Section 6.    Election of Board Members.
A.     The Executive Vice President shall be elected at each annual election.
B.    Election of the following Officers will be held in 2016.  Beginning in 2017, all officer terms will be 2 years.:
•    Vice President of Public Relations (1 year term)
•    Vice President of Communications (1 year term)
•    Vice President of Membership (1 year term)
•    Vice President of Programs (2 year term)
•    Vice President of Finance (2 year term)
•    Vice President of Education (2 year term)
C.    Election of the following Officers shall be held in odd numbered years, beginning in 2017:
•    Vice President of Public Relations
•    Vice President of Communications
•    Vice President of Membership
D.    Election of the following Officers shall be held in even numbered years, beginning in 2018:
•    Vice President of Programs
•    Vice President of Finance
•    Vice President of Education

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