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Innovation and New Product Development Community of Practice Webinar: Simplifying Innovation: Framework 4 Finding Hidden Innovation - 19 August

Innovation and New Product Development Community of Practice

Innovation author and  consultant Mike Dalton makes a bold claim: 50% or more of your new product  innovation capacity is hiding in plain sight. That's right - even in the best  of companies, half of new product resources (Marketing, R&D, Engineering,  Manufacturing Scale-Up and Sales) end up as waste. In this highly interactive  and engaging session, you will experience some of the root causes for this  waste as well as learn steps you can begin taking to double new product  throughput with your existing resources. Learn more and  register

Ethics in Project Management Community of Practice:
Is Your Project Ethical? - 27 August  

Ethics in Project Management Community of Practice

Dr. Deaton is a former ethics  lecturer at the University of Tennessee, a current management analyst at the US  Department of Veterans Affairs Central Office, and part-time public speaking  coach and high school ethics bowl organizer. Learn more and  register.

What you will you learn:

-- How to tell whether a  project is ethically questionable.
    -- Consider immediate, short  and long-term consequences.
    -- Ethical ways to handle a  morally questionable project.
    -- Refuse to participate
    -- Participate but change
    -- Report (internally or  externally)
    -- Mustering personal courage
    -- Balancing interests
    -- Living a principled life
    -- Inspirational example

Agile Community of Practice Webinar: The Four Levels of Agile Requirements - 28 August     

Agile Community of Practice

This webinar is dedicated to discussing the 4 levels of  requirements and why it is important to gather the right level at the right  time and not dive into the details too early. Sally Elatta will discuss 4  techniques for slicing EPICs into smaller deliverables and also share how you  can use Business Value Points for prioritizing features. Whether or not you’re  using Agile, you will absolutely walk away with tips to help you improve your  current requirements approach. Learn more and Register

Consulting Community of Practice: Idea Mapping Webinar - 28 August
Consulting Community of Practice

Idea Mapping is a powerful  whole-brained visual thinking tool that enhances memory, note-taking skills,  thought organization, planning, productivity, creativity, communication, and  clarifies thinking. It uses color, key words, lines and images to connect  thoughts associatively. Idea Maps are the natural expression of the way the  brain processes information associatively. Have pen and paper handy and join  Jamie Nast, author of Idea Mapping, for an activity-based webinar where you  will be given an introduction to Idea Mapping. Learn more and register.