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Now you can easily order PMI-SNC badge with your name and title.
These badges look very professional - you can wear it during the meetings, presentations, business events etc. (including, of course - our Chapter events! )
Badge price is from $7 to $8.5, depending which clip you want (plus shiping $3).
To order your badge just follow this link and steps:

 1. Click on the following link:  ORDER HERE
 2. Page with a sample PMI-SNC name tag will be displayed. Use defaults. Click BEGIN ORDER
 3. Page with sample name tag, Magnet Fastner and price of $8.50 will be displayed. Click NEXT
 4. PROVIDE LOGO page will be displayed. Use pre-selected default. Click NEXT
 5. ADD ITEM page will be displayed. Enter your name and credentials. Click NEXT
 6. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR TEXT BELOW page will be displayed. Check confirmation checkbox and click NEXT
 7. A page for additional comments will be displayed (you do not need to add any comments). Click ADD TO CART
 8. SHOPPING CART page will be displayed.
 9. Click "Log In" (at top right)
10. Click CREATE ACCOUNT and enter your information (email, password and primary phone are required fields)
11. YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN CREATED page will be displayed. Click on My Account
12. Click PAYMENT METHODS and click "Add New Payment"
13. Click CART and click REQUEST PROOF
14. Order Submitted page will be displayed. They will send an email when your proof is ready (there is no cost for the proof)
15. Wait for the "Proof is Ready" email (takes 1-2 business days)
16. When you receive "Proof is Ready" email, click on the link, verify your name tag and approve
17. Select shipping option (1st Class Tracked Postal Mail is $3.00, total cost $11.50)
18. Step through with Shipping Address, Billing Address, Payment Method and Finalize Order confirmations
19. The final page displays the Invoice# and Receipt (save/print the receipt for your records)



PMI SNC MembershipTrend

Since we enter into the second half our year, we have put some data together to create the following graph. 

It shows that during this year, number of our members in the chapter is quite a bit increasing and have almost recovered to 2014 levels!

We are glad serving you and e are continuously striving to increase your membership value.

Your feedback, ideas, comments are very welcome.
Also, if you are interested in volunteering and earing PDUs - we need you! Volunteers are the lifeblood and foundation of PMI-SNC.




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Project Management Education Grant Program

Project Management Institute, Southern Nevada, is a local chapter of the Project Management Institute.
PMI is an organization dedicated to opening networking channels and creating ongoing professional development for those working in project management. Members are dedicated to public service and are looking to support project-based learning within schools.


  • Applications must be from a public school serving students in grades 6-12.
    Daycare centers and after-school programs are not eligible for the program.
  • The project must be implemented within Clark County, Nevada.
  • Only one proposal per school, per academic year will be accepted.
  • Project funding must be used to implement project-based lessons that foster project management and leadership among students.
  • The project must be completed within the school year of the award of the grant, or the money must be returned to PMI, Southern Nevada.
  • A project status report must be submitted within thirty (30) days after the start of the project, and monthly thereafter for duration of the project. A final report shall be submitted within thirty (30) days after project completion.The final report shall include receipts for all purchases and work performed.
    All unspent funds must be returned to PMI, Southern Nevada.
  • Applicants may request project advisory services from the membership of PMI as part of their proposal.
  • PMI, Southern Nevada shall be allowed to conduct reviews in conjunction with the status reports which may include site visits.
  • Applications must be approved and signed by the school principal or designee.
  • A presentation of the project will be delivered by the project team.


•    Applications are accepted from September 1- the second Monday of October (10/10/16).
•    A committee will evaluate each application based on the requirements and guidelines.
•    Eligible schools will received a cash grant for the cost of the project up to $2000.
•    Grants will be awarded on a competitive basis and will be subject to the availability of funds.  All PMI, Southern Nevada Chapter decisions are final.
•    PMI, Southern Nevada Chapter will notify all successful grant applicants six weeks after the deadline.  

Applications must be submitted electronically.   Grant applications are to be submitted via email to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please, download the application form here:



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PMI-SNC was hosting a Professional Photo Day at the last month chapter meeting. We want to thank to our members who attended this event and made it so exceptional.

Special thanks to our awesome photographer, Sam Larab, who made this event possible.

Please, find and download your high resolution profile photos from the gallery below.

Steps to save the photo on your computer:
1. Find your photo in the gallery
2. Click on the photo to open it in the new window
3. Click again on the photo to zoom it in
4. Right click on the zoomed photo and select "Save Image As" from the menu to save it on the computer 

Note: The photos were available for download until February 2017. If you still need to download your digital photo, please contact us.



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