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Calling for the 2021 Project Management Institute, Southern Nevada Chapter Board of Directors Nominees

Press release

It is time for our elections for the 2021 Board of Directors! As a PMI-SNC member, this is your chance to participate in chapter activities.  As a member, you can nominate someone (or yourself) for any open position and of course vote once the nomination period is over. 

Voting will be done via VoteNet through PMI.org. 

We encourage each and every one of you to participate in this year’s election process!

The positions that are elected are as follows:

(2021-2023 Term)

       VP of Education

       VP of Finance

       VP of Programs

(2021-2022 Term)

       Executive VP

To nominate a candidate or yourself, send an email to president@pmi-snc.org and include the following information:

1. Name of the nominee

2. Nominee contact information

3. Reason for suggesting this candidate

4. Your name and contact information

The deadline for nominations is 11/15/2020.

Please refer to the "PMI-SNC Chapter BOD/Officers" for more information on the duties and expectations for leadership as a PMI-SNC Governor.


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