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Mentoring Program
Program Office Email Officer
Business Continuity Management president@pmi-snc.org Stephen Simmons
Bylaws Management president@pmi-snc.org Stephen Simmons
CCSD Grant Program vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry
Chapter Communications vpcommunication@pmi-snc.org Merima Bicic
Contract Management vpfinance@pmi-snc.org Raj Nair
Education vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
Elections vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry
Financial and Tax Accounting vpfinance@pmi-snc.org Raj Nair
Military Program vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
Monthly Member Statistics vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry
PDU Posting vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry
PDU Submission - Chapter Meetings vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry
PDU Submission - Classes vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
PMIEF vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
PMI-SNC Annual Elections president@pmi-snc.org Stephen Simmons
PMI-SNC Volunteer Program executivevp@pmi-snc.org Mark C. Layton
PMO SIG vpmembership@pmi-snc.org Rochelle Henry 
PMP Exam Prep vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
Policy and Operations Management executivevp@pmi-snc.org Mark C. Layton 
Professional Development Day vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson
Programs vpprograms@pmi-snc.org Cindy Gentis
Publishing vpcommunication@pmi-snc.org Merima Bicic
R7 Management president@pmi-snc.org Stephen Simmons
Social Media vpcommunication@pmi-snc.org Merima Bicic
Social Media Management vpcommunication@pmi-snc.org Merima Bicic
Sponsorship Development Management vppublicrelations@pmi-snc.org Jerret Dillard
Workshops vpeducation@pmi-snc.org Jamie Willson


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PMI SNC Mentorship Program

PMI SNC would like to invite you to participate in our mentorship program.

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